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Originally Posted by Max G. View Post
Same as before.

Look, everyone makes a mistake, I think, in thinking that a player's shots are an intrinsic part of who they are. Like, "Henman is a S&Ver, and S&Vers do worse now, so Henman would do worse now". But it's not like that. People pick their style to match what wins them matches when they're up-and-coming. If Henman came on to the scene today, he obviously wouldn't be a S&Ver! He'd be a baseliner like everyone else, and his shots and technique would be adjusted to fit in with that, with more spin on his groundies and less conservative grips and so on.

He'd probably be about the same as he was then. A talented player with nice athleticism and an all-around game, a little lacking in power, who mostly hangs out outside the top group but occasionally gives them trouble. Would probably sneak up to #5 on occasion but wouldn't stay there, would be a regular NEAR the top 10 but not consistently in it.
You could be right but that's not a guarantee if Henman would convert into a baseliner. Stepanek is still a s/v player. Taylor Dent comes in on every serve. Bjorkman and Santoro played s/v throughout their entire career in the 90s/00s. Mahut still hasn't change.

Who knows if Henman would be better had he became a baseliner. There are quality baseliners who isn't in the top 20(eg Bagdatis, Youznhy, Benneteau, Lopez...)
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