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Default Head Youtek IG ExtremePro 2.0- a ringing endorsement

Take it from an obsessive tennis gearhead that has been in search of the "Holy Grail" of tennis reacquets for 30 years, this thing is in a class by itself. You will not believe the combination of power, control, feel, comfort, and plow-through but quickness of adjustment on swing. And this endorsement is coming from a guy that's switched racquets 6 times in two years. Try the frame-recommended Head Sonic Pro 17 gauge polyester at your favorite tension. I strung both of mine at 58 lbs and there is no arm pain at all, but fantastic precision from a frame this pwerful. No I don't work for Head. I was a Dunlop man for 5 years until going to the Babolat Roddick Pure Drive GT 2012 this year,and now onto this Head because it does so much more than the Roddick.
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