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Originally Posted by toes View Post
Owning A BMW K1600 GT, I can say with all honesty that I would not kick anyone of the ladies off the back of it. If I were a younger man however I would put Martic on it 9x's out of 10 she just has a kind of innocent, tuned, low maintainance look about her.
Agreed. I love it when Martic shows up in photo shoots, as rare as it is. However, I absolutely love all of the Lisicki pictures from this week. I hope that she goes on holiday at the end of this year where there's a beach. I think we all need some Woz/Agi/Angi/Ula type pics this year.

Can't blab without posting a pic so her's Camilla Giorgi. I can't get her out of my mind after those butt-crack modeling pics. You've gotta like a gal who knows she's hot...

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