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Originally Posted by anirut View Post
Hi Andrew,

We're in a similar position. Here in Thailand you can't demo rackets either. And it's also very difficult to find certain rackets, such as the Pacific Vac90, which is not imported into the country at all. I got mine from TW.

And I'll check with my customer if he'd be willing to carry two rackets back to Melbourne for you - the 4D100 and Bio100 (just for kicks ) in return for your kindness with the iPrestiges. If it's not possible for him to carry, I'll find some ways to send 'em over.
We'll have to see if our schedules match up (mine is reasonably flexible though - so can try to work around your customer) but, at worst, if you'd like the iPrestige Mids, they're yours. Otherwise they're just gathering dust (I'm not into selling on the auction site) and would prefer to give them to a good home. I'm sure my fiance will be happy I'm clearing some space in the house. So, if you know anyone who'd like a couple of T10 MP GenII's (one unused, one 9/10) let me know.

I'm still unsure as to which PK I go with first. The Black Ace is less expensive (only $109 for the 2012 version) but the specs on the Redondo are appealing (10pts HL). That said, the 2012 Black Ace is 11.7oz, 6pts HL and 311 swingweight which does offer a good platform for customising. It is a little stiffer than the old BA or the Redondo so it might be more to my taste.

Actually, just thinking about it again: I'd say that the C10 Mid is what I'd most like to find again. That one was just comfortable for me in all departments as well as having more power than I'd expected given the flex and head size.

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