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Originally Posted by Anyone4tennis? View Post
Rios has always been one of my favorite players to watch, but I wonder why Rios isn't coaching his daughter himself. What is it that Bollettieri (or anyone else for that matter) brings to the table that Rios can't? Rios was a former World No. 1 player who apparently understands the game very well, and I am sure he can serve as a great hitting partner for his daughter at the same time. I just don't get it. Anyone have any insights or knows why?
The Rios daughter is no longer full time at Nicks. She went back to Costa Rica with the mom and was getting expensive full time coaching there, read this somewhere last year, then earlier this year she was in Miami area getting coaching there. Not sure if she moved or is still in Miami part time or full time, or back in Costa Rica.
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