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I am also considering a racquet switch. I am looking for something a touch lighter, and more HL. Although the AG100 fits the bill, it just doesn't feel quite there with my new strokes. A client of mine brought in a BLX 6.1 95 16x18. Just swinging it back and forth made me drool. Perfect weight, perfect balance. I need to find one of these frames to test, because unforutnately, Dunlop is not making a stick which has: >93sq", >=11.5oz unstrung, open pattern AND >=6pts HL. The 300 is too light unless you go for the closed pattern. I guess that's worth a shot though, but I just feel like I am losing a lot of RHS with my 200T and wouldn't lose much power if I did switch. Blah, I like strings since they're easy. Frames...hate playtesting.
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