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Video from today's hit. Was away for a week, so I really didn't feel like doing the hand fed balls today. Spent most of the practice time on the ad side. Mostly inside out FH, I hope there is some improvement. The thumb down suggestion really helped the takeback (at least that's the feeling I got).

Slow motion. The left hand still wants to push the racquet face back, but the thumb down tip kind of counteracts it.

Played 2 sets afterwards, and the forehand was just gone. One of those days. On the bright side, I found my slice serve! I (re)discovered that the body weight direction has a lot to do with the direction of the serve! Still, the groundies were really bad, and I ended up chipping and charging in the second set. Lost 6-1, 6-4.

On a side note: Am really trying to give the Lux Alu Power 16L a chance, but the dead Tour Bite 17 felt better than this. There's a lot less pop- and bite. Maybe it's really not for me... excuses, excuses eh?

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