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OK, here's a curveball. Any of you holics ever try the K-Blade ... Team?

Just saw in another thread that VsBabolat and others are saying that Serena actually uses a Blade Team, so I looked the frame up out of curiosity and really find the specs of the KFactor version to be so, so interesting, almost pro-stock-ish: just 10.7 strung but 4 points HL, a nice 320 swingweight, a very nice 57 stiffness and it's 27.3 inches long. 104 square inches, but an 18/19 string pattern to keep the spin and control under control? Seems like since the swingweight is already there, main mods would just be to add weight at the handle to weight it up to your preference. Anyone ever try this thing? The flex almost makes it seem like a potential Ross stick, as he's always searched for his big hitting Tweener With Feel.
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