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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
I understand, and to the naked eye all seems well.

However, take out a small head size, I have a PS 90 and a K-Factor 95, with the 90, I'm not talking about what we see in the pro's but reality, and with the 95 it's extra effort, I have to find the sweetspot to place my shots, with the 90 it's intuitive, like that dude on TW says "It's like an extention of your arm".

So yea, I was actually thinking the same thing, you see these guys with huge Babs slamming it back and forth, but if you elimate the common denomiator, it comes down to who is in better shape, that's why Rafa is in such peril, but when you are a true shot maker, you NEED a small head size so you can put your shot here and there.

I can go out tomorrow and get a Rafa Racket, put RPM blast in it, and yea, I can get more spin consitantly, but Tennis is SO MUCH MORE than topspin, it's topspin, slice, and flat shots, so Bab is doing great for now with their philosophy, but always the all-court player will come out on top, Sampras, Fed, and we'll have some other dominant player who is more than just a hussler.

Want to learn to play real tennis? Get a 75 inch head wood, then move up to a huge 90 inch head so you can place your shots AND have inherit power,

Babolot huge spin rackets are for amateurs, or those who specilize in clay
Dang man, how many slams you won? Sounds like you got it all figured out. Impressive.
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