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Default Through the ball - again!

Twice in 2 days. First the #1 junior in the world mentions it twice, and now I pick up the latest issue of Tennis rag err mag and what do I see but Rick Macci's analysis of Li Na's forehand. Selected excerpts below. (5263: don't even bother to do your usual thing of picking up a small side issue and ignoring everything else - just give up already.)

Photo 4: ..... Li's racquet is still going forward through the ball and toward her target.

Photo 5: This is major-league extension. Look how far her right shoulder and arm go into the court, toward her target. When people watch forehands on television, the speed of the shot deceives them. Though it looks like players don't extend into the court and just whip across the ball, they don't. It is impossible to hit a great forehand that way. (My note: a few months ago former touring pro Peter Burwash said the same thing as I had pointed it out then.)

Photo 6: ..... Now comes the follow-through, which wraps around the body.
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