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Originally Posted by batz View Post

Whereas you are someone who posts hyperbolic @rsegavy on an internet messageboard.

The butthurt is strong in this one. Dry your eyes mate. Here's a wee snap to cheer you and your pals up:

Good God in heaven.

Andy Murray has the same number of slams as Del Potro, a player clearly inferior to him. Go masturbate to it. In the meanwhile, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have 33 times as many slams as he has.

Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Not noticed Federer, although he often takes his frustrations out on the crowd (Shut Up! Be quiet! etc,) but Nadal does it in Spanish of course while Djokovic often screams things in Serbian that would make Murray sound like a choirboy!
You're a ****ing disgrace.

You pick TWO instances of Federer's THRITEEN year career to assert that he is similar to Murray. You deserve to be tortured for this. Murray should pray at Federer's altar, THAT'S how much superior Federer is to Murray in on court behaviour.

Not to mention that your examples are SO off it just shows how far you are in it. Federer calling a moron in the crowd because he yelled out during a crucial tiebreak which saw him go down 2 sets to one. If Murray did that NOBODY would criticize him for it.

Also, the perennial favourite, Federer telling Djokovic's camp to "be quiet".

Did you actually WATCH that scene? Federer ASKED them to "Be quiet, OK?" in his calmest and quietest voice ever. If Federer's haters weren't equally ******** as his fans, there is no way anyone would give him a hard time for it. NOBODY with 2 brain cells to rub together would give Murray a hard time either.

Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Good God is about right. I'm not defending his use of swear words but do me a favour, he's hardly alone is he? Connors, McEnroe, Hewitt, Roddick, Haas, Fish, Agassi all immediately spring to mind and I've already referred to Rafa and Nole's ability to use their native languages so as to make it not so obvious.
There's not a snowball chance in hell that Djokovic and Nadal whine even 40% as much a Murray does. Murray is the kind of guy who will beat his head with a racquet in a straight sets win over Djokovic when his game his firing and errorfree.

It is particularly hilarious that you bring up Fish, Roddick, McEnroe () and Hewitt, guys about whom EVERBODY knows that they have hot tempers and that they ***** even more than Murray.

This is how deluded you are: you are seriously claiming that nobody believes that those guys were just as bratty, if not more bratty than Murray.

Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Murray may cuss a bit but he doesn't spend time abusing line umpires (like Nalbandian at Queens) or smashing up benches (like Djokovic at FO final) . So why all of a sudden is he the worst thing ever to appear on a tennis court when there has been and continues to be much worse behaviour from other players that nobody sees fit to start outraged threads about!
Djokovic did it once. Nalbandian did it once, which anyone with a brain would see was accidental, even if reckless.

It's like saying Henin is the same as Sharapova because it's possible to find evidence that she grunted on court. That means she is the same as a person who grunts at 100 decibel everytime she hits the ball.
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