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Originally Posted by HunterST View Post
Okay, so here's pretty definitive proof that Fed holds racquet at chest and then begins the stroke.

This video, however, shows Serena taking the racquet back and waiting.

So, basically, I guess the answer is it doesn't matter?

Obviously Federer has the better forehand, but is Serena's easier to copy for mortals?
Ultimately, it's all about timing, IMO. Federer tracks the ball with the racquet in front of him until the ball bounces (or close to it), and has a very compact backswing which he is able to execute very late (after bounce). Serena has a much larger loop - perhaps because she needs it to generate power, or maybe because it was the way she learned it from childhood - so she has to start the backswing much earlier for the timing to work out okay. Of the two, I would think the Serena type FH would be more error prone than Fed's as far as timing is concerned since it incorporates more variables. Bottom line is, there are many ways to hit the ball...
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