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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
Planet Batz where Murray having ONE slam at the age of 25 is worth bragging about even though Djokovic at the same age has 5, Nadal at 1 year older has 11 and Federer being the all time record holder of just about everything.
Lol...a few weeks ago it was NO Slam wonder Murray. Now it's ONE Slam wonder Murray! You Murray-hating trolls are so funny and predictable. If he wins another, no doubt it will be TWO Slams wonder Murray! Put simply, Murray can never achieve anything in your jaundiced eyes. A few weeks ago, it was sufficient to mock him for being unable to win a Slam. You and your cronies were content to get as much mileage out of that one as you could. Now that he has actually won one, you look around for something else to beat him with and lo and behold, it's, "What a shocking, awful, terrible person this guy is! Why he mutters to himself, breaks the odd racquet, swears a bit, exhibits negative body language etc. etc." as if nobody ever noticed he's done these things before or that nobody else has ever done these things before and much worse but, oh I forgot, Murray does it ALL THE TIME according to you, even when he had 3 match points serving for the title in New York last month!

Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
Man, I am so mad about Murray having that slam right now.
Boy, don't we all know it. It's the single most irritating thing that's ever happened to you recently isn't it? All the fun you used to enjoy at his expense when he was a 'No Slam Wonder'. So now it's 'Let get horrible Murray' time and affect total shock and disgust at his truly appalling antics on court which apparently make everybody else on the tour look like perfect angels and models of total decorum and restraint.

Anyway, you carry on with your funny little rants and peculiar little obsessions with whatever Murray does and doesn't do in peculiar little threads like this. It obviously brightens up your rather sad and clearly limited life. No doubt you will be itching to start another if Murray loses tomorrow or whenever. But don't let me or anybody else spoil your fun!
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."

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