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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
If 62 not counting them 67 does, you cannot dispise bot
no, it doesn't. 67 was a smaller field ( pros only ) ....... chances of upset are more in a 128 person draw ... see drysdale beating laver in 68 US Open.

Also French Pro in 67 was indoors ...... French Open would be on clay .....Rosewall did beat him @ RG on clay in 68 .... he'd have a good shot at the same in 67 as well ....

so no, the 67 pro slam is not close to the true grand slam ...

Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Laver dominated 5 or 6 yrs in a row from 64 to 70 although I would say in 70 it is too close and that surpasses Federer who dominated 2003-2007
no, it doesn't .... laver never dominated a stretch of years as federer did from 2004-07 ......just being the no 1 player for those years doesn't mean he was as dominant as federer was ....

Originally Posted by kiki View Post
I feel so bad for Fed being so unrespectfully owned by Nadal that I rise him to second tier, don' t ask me for more generousity
he leads nadal H2H outside of clay , both on hard courts and on grass... the only place where nadal leads him is clay, which is not surprising as nadal is the claycourt GOAT ......

reality is you are mad that federer has surpassed crush laver as the GOAT in the eyes of most ...

and of course you have near zero knowledge of tennis
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