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I absolutely agree with the author of this thread. I hate this guy. The commentating he does is pretty bad. He uses a lot of filler to kill dead time, when he is not doing that he says some really cliche things that are just annoying. "In order to beat the other guys, you just need to fight harder than the rest." Nice cliche that means nothing idiot. Then he says a lot of things that are common knowledge and throws in some false statements here and there. His voice is really bland and sounds so monotonous. You know when Romney was caught saying stuff when he visited michigan like, "i like the trees," "I like the streets," "I like the houses." So on and so on, that's what he does, he just drones on and on. Somebody should just fire this guy. The only time he can ever talk about something interesting is when he's paired up with a good commentator and that person makes a good observation or an anecdotal comment, then he'll just take it and run with it like he said it. He just parrots and drones on and on. Him and Luke/Murphy Jensen are some of the worst commentators out there. For some reason Tennis has some pretty bad commentators and I don't see how they made it through the filtration process as I think some people on these forums could do a better job.

Is sad that they are getting paid for what a lot of people (some here) would kill for and would do an infinitely better job. It to me feels like when you go to a crappy restaurant that only exists because it's situated on a busy street full of tourists. They keep it alive because they don't know any better, but that place should go extinct if left to the locals and their dinning habits. He just blathers on because execs who know nothing of tennis hired him because he did the reps and is commentator ready as opposed to someone new and fresh, someone with good ideas and good insight.

BTW, worst NBA commentator. Bill Walton. Great player, but he sounds like a over eccentric cliche machine. His cliches are so trite and never ending, that's why ABC ended their contract with him. At least tennis doesn't have that guy, but the Jensen brothers come very close.

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