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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
Seriously, is that all it takes? Guy wins once slam, suddenly even MURRAY has glory hunters?

For the record, I always wanted the guy to win a slam and laughed about the people claiming Del Potro is superior to him.

Apparently, TTW is quickly degenerating into MTF levels, where ANY criticism towards a player means, you are "jealous" of his success. (even though his success is meager compared to his contemporaries)
Glory Hunters LOL - yep; we've all just jumped on the bandwagon since he won the USO.

But you are deeply affected by Murray's win though aren't you. I mean, you can't stop telling people how much it bothers you. It clearly bothers you a lot - which is fecking hilarious.

He might only have one slam - but that one is enough to have you crying like a wee girl whose lost her dolly. You must be absolutely shyting yourself about the thought of Murray winning more. In fact, you seem to be more affected by Murray's win than any Murray fan I know - which is also feckin hilarious!

I am laughing at you a lot this morning - proper laughter, with tears rolling down my cheeks and sore ribs.

Shimf some more mate - go on; your crying is like angel song to my ears.
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