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I don't know if this is related to my herniated disc, I have a L4-L5 herniation and symptoms typically on the left side. Occasionally the outside bit of the left knee gets a bit sore if the leg/nerve is tight, but in my three + years of having it nothing like this has ever happened (it has never physically swelled). And I don't think I did anything overly exertive in the past week or so to get it this way. I thought it was getting better as the swelling seemed to go down after I made the thread, but I had work yesterday and am on my feet a lot, I didn't feel a thing but I noticed last night that it had swelled up again, so slapped ice on it. I'm racking my brains to try and remember if I bashed it, I vaguely remember bashing something (like on a desk or sth) and limping for like 5 mins afterwards before walking it off and forgetting about it, I seriously hope it was my knee cause that would explain everything, and I wouldn't have to worry about some kind of mechanical injury.
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