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Originally Posted by batz View Post
It was always going to happen. We've both posted on threads where the question 'how will the trolls react if Murray wins a slam' where these very behaviours were predicted.

What I do find amazing is this faux offence stuff - that is proper funny. These feckers have a nasty streak a mile wide, make stuff up without hesitation, exhibit levels of blind hatred that any Pogrom starter would be proud of then have the brass neck to come over all 'offended of Tunbridge Wells' as if they are convent girls. The absolute best bit is when they moan about being picked on if you challenge them on the pysh that they post

They've got more neck than a double headed giraffe.
What in the holy hell are you talking about?

People were *****ing about his terrible behaviour WAAY before 2012 and in fact, they considered it the main reason for his lack of success.

The fact that you act as if "people are mad about Murray's earth shattering success" is RIDICULOUS. Murray isn't much worse than Djokovic or Nadal in terms or ability (in fact, I made a thread that acknowledges that he is probably more gifted than either), yet his achievements are on the level of Andy Roddick's.

But please, keep fantasizing about a world, wherein people are foaming at the mouth over Murray's unbelieavable success and not about his Cibulkovalike behaviour on court.
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