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I've only been exposed to two types of DuraFiber racquets prior to today: the orange "Lite", of which I picked up a pristine example a few months ago, and the black "XT".

With a name like "DuraFiber", one would have thought that the brand was created specifically to market racquets made out of a tenacious fibrous substrate, so I was quite surprised to come upon this well-worn stick in a pile of unremarkable Dunlops and Heads today (shown above its "Lite" cousin for dimensional reference):

While this frame is not made out of any kind of fiber, the material is in fact a 'dura' according to a decal affixed to the side of the shaft - 'Duraluminum' to be exact, an old-school aircraft alloy that's actually a good deal stronger than the 6000 series alloy used in most contemporary aluminum racquets.

There are no legible markings other than the aforementioned decal, a serial number, and the logo on the butt cap, so I have no way of knowing what the actual model designation was. I am guessing that this was the low-end offering of the series, but the alloy frame is significantly stiffer than the buttery soft "Lite", and has a tinier but more solid-feeling sweet spot compared to the one found on the latter. This particular unit had seen plenty of hard use in its day; which suggests it had reliably served its previous owner(s). I am particularly intrigued by the onboard crucifix (or is that an anti-aircraft sighting device?); I suppose the cavity could have been covered by a logo at one point, but this is weirder looking, hence better . Regardless, I don't expect to ever run into this unusual beast again in my neck of the woods, unless it is actually more common than I think it is?
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