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Originally Posted by BlueB View Post
No not the pics of an actual bear, just the footprints....
These courts are next to my son's school, I play there at least twice a week. Photo taken just 15min after the schools' principal announced a warning about bears in vicinity.

My foot, to show the size of the big boy's footprint:

How he entered and left the court:
My God, that is beautiful. I don't want to live without nature anymore. I wish the clay were free in the big city wilderness parts where I live. 1 time I snuck into a clay court at a private school during winter, wasn't supposed to but I couldn't resist. Sometimes I wish I were a bear, so I could lay down on clay courts wherever I want, and people would be too scared to tell me to move over to the next court. And, because I would be a bear, I wouldn't be too self-conscious, if I forgot to put gel in my hair. It'd be pretty cool.

Honestly, to play on clay is a rare and precious treat. It feels so much more natural. I can't ever remember not locking in 100% on clay or indoors, bcs. it was always such a treasure. Now those courts must inspire the "spirit of play," that I'm so fond of. If you have bad concentration, clay and indoors will cure that. That's why Bruguera was an underrated indoor rockstar, but sucked on hard courts. Players with come and go wills, tend to do well indoors irrespective of whether their actual technique was made for the stuff or not. Eliminate the variables, one sometimes wonders whether living in the big cities is worth it after awhile. Unless you're there to be a rock star, one truly does wonder. It's the quality of wonder. In the big city if you try to wander, u may get mugged on ur way to's very scary. Bears don't scare me, bcs. once I saw a Youtube video, and the cat scared the bear just by going merow, and jabbing w. his paw...careful not to hyperextend it there buddy, bcs. it just might get caught, and then what? Oh...then, that cat would limp away pretty fast I dare say, pretty fast.

If cat's eats a lot of corn, I hear it's a performance enhancer. If they ever had a Cat De France, those cats would probably be spilling out corn seeds, as they roll...bounce w. me, bounce w. me, sounds like a rad cat song. I like cats, and bear skin rugs are nice to sleep on. Don't know that I'd want to try when they're alive. If their skin gets gray when old, would u notice? Would u care, if you pelted that bear, while playing tennis, and didn't even know? I'm a big fan of that old SNL skit with that nature voice guy, w. self-confidence problems. That was funny. But it's been years since I've watched SNL, but there was this one babe though...she wore a wig, or her last name was wig, don't know, but she was kinda hot, & I bet she had a tat underneath her watch, but nobody knows it but me...if Babyface sang to that bear he'd probably feel like Tony Curtis or Barry Manilow, depending on bear cave of origin. I bet the wild life sing in Vancouver, BC, they're very appreciative, don't believe in violence. If I could play tennis there for 1 day, I'd ignore my trick knee, and just play for free...ah yes, trying to remember the last time, I brung the "spirit o' play."

You don't have weeds growing there, do you? Bcs. that'd really just ruin it for me. Next time u go to those nice natural clay courts, after dropping off you're son, kiss the sun, and it'll make you live longer, play freer, and just watch, the soccer moms on their all-terrain scooters will compliment you on your great hair...on their way to Super Duper Fresh, only in Vancouver. If even one horndog, reads this and decides to go to Vancouver on their next vacation, I want commission. Not no used scooter transmission. Something useful, like fluvver. Jennifer Flavin? Not that'd she'd be interested, but not really interested, not that she's she? Nah....
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