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Originally Posted by Russeljones View Post
This matter has been sort of chewed to ehh.. anyhow, it all comes down to the slowing of the surfaces and the physicality in the game today. It takes years for players to gain the stamina and strength necessary to compete at the very top. This is why young players with technique and versatility lose to quite ordinary older players.
you mean versatile players like chang?

I do agree that the style of grinding has changed though. back then you could grind by just running fast (running speed is highest when you are very young). now we see a generation of "power grinders". they bring everything back but at the same time hit every ball as hard as they can. just running won't get you anywhere you need the power too.

so to hit every ball with full power for 4 hours you might need another kind of endurance and power as runners like chang had.

still theoretically I thinkk the slower surfaces should benefit the younger guys. almost all teenage winners won on slow surfaces first. running speed and endurance are typically young players skills.

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