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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Djokovic and by some margin. He already has a 2000 point advantage over Federer. Fed would have to gain 2000 MORE points than Djokovic to end the year ranked 1st, for example:

Win Basel, Paris, WTF (yeah, right...) = 3000 poins clear
Since Djokovic ain't playing in Basel, he could at most (in this scenario) lose in the final of Paris and WTF which is a total of 1600 points. Not enough for him to drop in the rankings.

As much as I want Fed to end the year ranked 1st, he's not doing it.
Losing in WTF final is 400 points i think not 1000! There is something likw undefeated tourney winner also who gets 1000 or sth!
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