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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
How many times did they played on hard courts?

Federer-Nadal - 11 times
Federer-Murray - 16 times
Federer-Djokovic - gazillion times

Federer-Nadal are pretty much dead even on hard courts in h2h but Nadal leads 2-0 in majors (both at the AO)
Federer-Murray are also pretty much dead even (9-7 to Murray) but Federer has won the only meetings in majors (in straight sets both times)
Federer-Djokovic - Djokovic has the most wins against Federer in HC majors but Federer has still a healthy lead in the h2h (12-9). Also Djokovic is the only other member of the top 4 who Federer leads in the hardcourt outdoor h2h.
I disagree, but it's okay!
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