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Originally Posted by AndrewD View Post

How's everything going mate? Given how short the list is (and not expecting any more options to emerge) I'm not sure if I'll be able to cross anything off the list. Might have to give the Pacific a try, but I will keep in mind what you've said about the feel.

I tried the C10 last year and enjoyed it well enough but I keep going back to the midsize and think I'll start with those. Such a pity they don't still make the C10 Mid; I hit with that once and it was fantastic - really good power for a mid, excellent control, comfort and spin. If I could find a C10 Mid (or a couple) I would be more than happy to switch to that one. I always found it was the one frame that gave me the stable but comfortable feel of my Prestige Pro combined with an open string pattern and enough mass to hit through the ball. To me, it was a perfect compromise between the Prestige Pro (stability, comfort and feel) and a Wilson Tour 90 (spin, plough-through and a bit of extra pop) but without the limitations of either frame (lack of spin; too much heft).

What are you swinging these days?
I agree with everything you say. The C10 mid is a beauty and it's a pretty good compromise for a former PPro user. If you can find an RDX 500 mid or 2, that's also not such a bad option coming from the PPro. I little stiffer, but still a very 'friendly' mid.

I honestly haven't been playing all that much lately, but my little brother was kind enough to present me with a 95 Rebel (the squiggly one, not the new new one) for Christmas so I've been alternating between that and the PT 630. Outdoors on clay the Prince has been helping a lot, and the indoor season has just begun here, so it'll still be either one of those two I pull out of my bag when I hit the carpet i think.

Give Queensland a wave for me matey - I still miss it, even after all this time.
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