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Originally Posted by markcoop View Post
The joint is a little swollen, sensitive, a little discolored, not itchy or sting.

Chas Tennis - I do understand the suggestion to see a doctor. There's a part of me that agrees. Since I really don't believe there is any major fracture in there (based on touch, lack of pain, low swelling, not a huge impact), a small fracture or tear will both be treated with a splint. I immobilized the finger the first night (Tuesday). If I do go to a doctor, most likely on Monday, they will certainly bend the finger and I'd be a week behind the heeling practice.
I don't know but I believe that if the tendon is detached it very often does not reattach.

The Dr is likely to know better how to splint the finger to increase the chances that it will heal (reattach if detached) or apply other treatment, who knows? He can better answer the healing time questions and activities that are OK.
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