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Default backhand smash myth?

Hi guys

Was just curious about this found this very interesting! I know on TV most experts always say the backhand smash is the hardest shot in tennis!

The other day at training we were working on the backhand smash and our coach made us do some drills to work on it.

Our coach is very knowledgable and I really enjoy the insight he gives us, but he said he disagrees with experts who says its the hardest shot in the game.

He said to play it is not hard but court poisition after the shot at our level is the hardest thing because he said pros have the wrist snap to hit that shot for a winner but we can forget that because too much skill and practise so have to place it and then decide are we too far back and retreating in which case stay back or in a position to really attack the net!

Is this argument about the backhand smash not being such a hard shot a fair one?
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