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Originally Posted by 10SDad View Post
Really appreciate everyone's feedback and advice over the past couple of weeks. Played two hours of doubles last night, fresh hybrid string job, and could not make anything work. In addition, I felt it in my shoulder and arm and can't afford to continue with that. So unfortunately I will be sending my one remaining new stick back and putting the current one up on the boards. If anyone here is interested on obtaining another 4-3/8", I would be happy to work with you directly. I was careful not to scrape it during play, so it's a 9+/10.

Great group here, and I wish you all continued success with the Melbourne and your games. My search will continue.

I am bowing out as well and will stick to my PB10 MID for now. If anyone here is interested, I have two in excellent condition (9+), one in 4 1/2 and one in 4 3/8 ( will sell or trade).
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