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We all know that.....but Murray creates Hate for no reason.

Don't know what makes it so.

I know I joke about how Murray wins in the wind and being Lucky. I know that he deserves it.

Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal have all won titles with stellar form opponents, sometimes opponents who don't play well for some reasons, and some times being lucky ina point or two.

Murray got the advantage when there was wind against Novak and Berdych, a tired Federer from the Delpo Semi, and today he beat a crap Federer while having the flu.

Federer beat a choking Davydenko in the French Semi(07) and Aussie Qtr(10). Federer beating crapRay in 08 US final.
Djokovic beat a mono Fed in Aussie 08.
Why fight over who is G.O.A.T., when the world is just an abstract of reality~

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