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Berdych was a pushover for Federer until after January 2010 when Federer really began serious decline. Before then Federer regularly rolled Berdych, losing one of the most craptacular matches of his career at the 04 Olympics, and Berdych choking a 2 sets to 0 lead one other time, that being their only even struggles. Even post prime Federer usually seems to be playing bad in his losses to Berdych, whereas Berdych can play very well and still lose like Madrid final this year, and their match last fall. I dont agree at all the match is on Berdych's racquet, and even if that were true, even half prime Federer it would not be the case. Berdych has become a tougher opponent with Federer losing some power, reflexes, and speed with old age. Nadal was often beating even peak Federer on any court, Djokovic started pushing and beating Federer as early as 2007, and Murray scored his first win back in 2006 and began beating him regularly in best of 3s in 2008. No comparision IMO.
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