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Originally Posted by Danny_G13 View Post
He made Wimbledon's final, won Olympic gold, won the US Open and is just beat Federer with ease AGAIN to make the SM final. And yet every time he has any success at all, his detractors on this forum make excuses for opponents, conditions, circumstances, the lot.
Which makes the discrediting of Murray so absurd - no other player on the ATP gets this level of grief after a victory.
Danny, welcome to Planet TTW where you can expect to read more absurd things in the space of 5 minutes than it would probably take you for the rest of the week!

I'm a Murray fan and innocently joined this forum 18 months ago hoping to have some really pleasant and informative exchanges with other TTW posters about players we all know and respect and, in my naivety, I expected this to include Murray! Before long, I was confronted with the most amazing and irrational threads about him full of bizarre hostility and out and out hate. You'd think he had committed mass murder or raped somebody's mother or something. Well, no doubt you've seen for yourself how these threads keep popping up. There are several ongoing in this forum as we speak.

In my opinion, there are 2 main schools of Murray-haters:

1. Certain English football fans who have never forgiven Murray for a jokey remark he made some years ago about supporting any team but England when Tim Henman joked to him about Scotland (Murray is a Scot) failing to qualify for the World Cup. These people hate Murray with a vengeance and will waste no time in attacking him both as a person and as a player at every given opportunity.

2. Die-hard Federer fans, whom we call '*******s'. Murray's chief crime in their eyes is to have the audacity to have a positive H2H against him unlike nearly every other player except Nadal. In their eyes, no-one is allowed to beat Federer but to beat him more times than he has beaten you is an absolutely unforgiveable sacrilege. You will see many Nadal-hate threads on here too and they are largely for the same reason and are nearly always started by the same fanatical bunch of Fed fans.

Of course there is often quite a bit of overlap between these two bunches of weirdos.

There is a third category which is much smaller but much more rational and bias-free. These are real tennis fans who genuinely don't care for Murray's style of play. However they are free of irrational hate unlike the other 2 categories and almost always give Murray the respect he is due as a player despite the fact that they don't like him. They would never start the silly troll threads that the guys in the first two categories delight in posting at the drop of a hat and one can have reasonable, intelligent and pleasant conversations with these guys and discuss our differences without the need for any childish name-calling or immature mud-slinging.

So my advice is to try and ignore the troll threads started by and joined in by the same bunch of people. You'll soon get to know the usual suspects.
It's all very sad and pathetic, I know, but try not to let it spoil your enjoyment of this forum. I assure you it IS possible to have rational and civilised discussions about players including Murray. You just have to look for us and seek us out. We are never very far away and will always look forward to sharing information and ideas with you about Murray and anybody else on the professional ATP and WTA tennis tours.
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."

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