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Default Confused (new to stringing)

Hello all! Please bear with me here as I will probably ask some questions with very obvious answers. I am new to stringing I just got my Alpha pioneer DC + stringer. The stringer comes with a very good tutorial dvd however I am confused about a few things and i'm sure I will be confused about a few more in the future.

First off the guy talks about either doing a two piece string job or one piece, however he never says which one is favored or how to know which one to do.

he also says that on the one peice string job you will have a short side and long side, and to mark where they meet, but how long should the long side and the short side be? I know it probably differs from racquet to racquet but I have no idea!

BTW I'm going to practice on my old aero pro, with some nylon that came with the stringer. The raquet I will be stringing once I trust myself is the Boris Becker London.

Thanks in advance!
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