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McCauley does not give a final number for the 1957 European tour, nor a source for the 14 to 14 number. He states that the 14 to 14 was in DECEMBER, and represented the full year, not the European tour. McCauley only lists 16 matches for 1957 between Hoad and Rosewall, with at least 12 matches unaccounted for. What happened to these 12 missing matches, and where were they played? Plenty of room here for Kramer's claim that Hoad won two-thirds of the European matches, on red shale clay, no less!
McCauley reports Hoad and Rosewall being tied at 3 wins each on the European tour as of Oct. 19, with no further reports until Nov. 15, and that means that there was about 20 days for the European tour to continue unreported, and plenty of space for Hoad to win two-thirds of his matches with Rosewall.
What was the date given for the supposed 10 to 8 number?
And how did McCauley miss the dates for the December 1959 Kooyong event? This is very strange.
Consider also, that Hoad lost his first several matches to Rosewall in the U.S. and Britain, and apparently lost most of the Asian tour matches to Rosewall, so how could the final number for 1957 be 14 to 14?
Obviously, Hoad must have won most of the European matches against Rosewall. Simple math, my friend!
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