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Originally Posted by basil J View Post
I started hitting with a pro twice a month recently. I will be turning 52 in january and although I maintain excellent an fitness level I just can't rely on my endurance and foot speed anymore to outlast 30 somethings anymore. I have been working on moving to a true 'all court game" meaning that I need to tighten up my volleys, overheads, approach shots and short ball game. My pro stopped me in the middle of our last outing and asked to look at my frame. I asked why and he said that my shots had so much spin and weight that he wanted so see what my set up was. Gut/poly is working real well indoors for me right now with no shoulder issues. He was familiar with Volkl frames and thought that this was an excellent set up for me. I want to really work on an attacking game over the winter so I can shorten up points and lengthen my singles ability a few more years before my body starts to let me down and I move to purely doubles.
Nice to hear that string job is still alive man.
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