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Originally Posted by Danny_G13 View Post
He made Wimbledon's final, won Olympic gold, won the US Open and is just beat Federer with ease AGAIN to make the SM final.

And yet every time he has any success at all, his detractors on this forum make excuses for opponents, conditions, circumstances, the lot.

Either Federer tanked, or Djokovic was a victim of scheduling, or Federer didn't care about gold.

I can't fathom why a tennis player as good as Andy Murray, who's in the top 8 all time ATP rankings for titles behind Pete Sampras, is so discredited in a way no other tennis player below or above him is.

Admittedly only on here, a forum which inspires flamewars I couldn't begin to imagine before signing up.

Apparently Federer didn't care today. Of course he didn't care, he cared so little he had the match stopped when there was zero need to do so. He didn't care so much that he ranted to himself after losing a point. Something he rarely does.

The point is ALL PLAYERS CARE. Be it Federer, Murray, Djokovic or anyone else - every player gives their all in a match. Yes, they may have form lulls in a match but they do not take the court without interest in winning.

Which makes the discrediting of Murray so absurd - no other player on the ATP gets this level of grief after a victory.

That would be Rafael Nadal. This place is NHA,and it always will be. And go check out MTF if you REALLY want to see the hate flow.
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