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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
You have no clue about how good my 8 year old is, some Russian 9 year old is, if AB is the 5th best 12 in the world or the 115th best. You simply regurgitate the party line like a robot....she must be good because she gathered some worthless 12s USTA points.

She is not even close to the level of my kid.
You seem reluctant to present evidence of how good your girl actually is (video).. and that will ofcourse make some people wonder if what you postulate is true..
IŽll repeat my offer: We are in Florida in december - how about a practice match between your girl and my boy?

My boy (10) holds up pretty well in boys u12 in our neck of the woods (small country) but I am not sure at all that he would beat the best US u12 girl.

It could serve as a wake up call for all of us (you, I, my boy - and, depending on how you present the match to your girl, to her too) - besides providing some substance to your claims.
Let them play and we will publicise the result here. We are there for a tournament and could use the practice - what do you say?
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