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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
More Masha is good

I should just switch to full western

Will repost your pics to remind me:

Ok, so what we're looking for here (at least what i think you are looking for) is a backswing absent external rotation of the arm. (this should occur at the beginning of the forward swing) That would mean, that the wrist is neutral, the forearm is on the "pronated side" (not supinated).

One way to correct this, is to "hide" the butt cap until you pull the racquet forward. Can you see how in your photo sequence, as soon as the hands separate you start to rotate the entire arm externally, wrist extended, arm supinated and BUTTCAP TO BALL alignment? Contrast this with the Fed pictures and notice how the butt cap is angled back and away from the ball throughout the backswing...thus saving the flip and alignment for the forward swing....Anyway, another way to look/correct this...good luck. It's probably worth the effort, as it will lead to a shorter, more direct line to the ball.

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