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Originally Posted by bhupaes View Post
I think one would need to have exceptionally strong rotator cuff muscles and wrists to execute this shot well, especially if one is using a high SW racquet. Not my favorite shot, for sure!
You're probably just not using the right technique. What does high SW racquet mean? If you mean you're using a semiwestern grip, that would explain why you're putting so much strain on your wrist and shoulder.

You should use a continental grip to execute this shot. I learned this shot just through trial and error. No one really ever formally instructed me in this shot. It's one of those finesse shots, that most people just figure out on their own. In an entire match, you might only have to hit one or two of these. The continental grip makes the shot a lot easier. Try it out.

For volleys, half-volleys and overheads you should be using the continental grip. If you are trying to use a groundstroke grip to hit backhand overheads, then yeah, it would put a lot of strain on your shoulder and wrist. It hurts my arm just thinking about doing that.
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