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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
I think the reason the backhand smash is considered so hard is that it's arguably the most underpracticed shot in the game.

If you regularly practice it every time out (wish I did) it's not really that tough. Sure, it's much harder than a regular overhead. But if I practiced my backhand overhead as much as my forehand (which still sucks compared to the rest of my game), I've have a killer bh smash. Also, the bh smash is much easier to execute with power when using a high-swingweight racquet.
Yeah, I've had people tell me I have a good backhand smash, and I rarely ever practice it. I don't see much need to practice it, I rarely ever use it. I usually go for angle and not power on this shot, if I'm forced to hit it. Almost all overheads, I can just hit with my conventional overhead, like it's a serve. If I'm pulled wide enough, where I have to hit a backhanded overhead, my back is almost turned to the net, and I try to angle the ball sharply crosscourt. People don't set up properly for this shot. When I hit it, my back is turned so far towards the net, that I usually turn all the way around in a circle and look over my left shoulder to see if the ball made it in. It's almost a no-look shot it you hit it right, because your back will be almost facing the net as you make contact.

If someone if using a game-improvement racquet it will be a very difficult shot to hit. It's one of those finesse shots where you need feel and touch.

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