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Originally Posted by db379 View Post
Murray is a great player, very talented, and when he plays like today he is one of the best players ever. He even managed to almost behave today, I guess against Fed, he has more respect than against Stepanek.

Problem is when he, too often, behaves like a little brat on court, throws insults, swears, breaks racquets, throws balls in the stands etc...
He is unbearable when he fakes injuries and tries to find cheap excuses for his poor performance
. That's just not what people want to see from a Champion.Champions are expected to behave and be role models. Who would want to have Murray as a role model for themselves, let alone their children?

For this reason, Murray may win plenty more tournaments and be considered one of the most successful players on tour, but he'll never be in the same league as Sampras, Federer, Nadal, Borg, Laver etc... because these players have class and they know how to behave like true champions on court.

This describes **** perfectly. He swears and insults the linesmen,crowd,and whoever else he feels like during his matches. The only difference is he does it all in Serbian,so a lot of people don't know what he's saying. Like in Rome this year when he told the linemen to suck his c**k,and f**k your mother because they missed a call. And when he smashed his racket on the netpost during that same match right in front of the ballgirls face. Or when he smashed his racket into the bench at RG shattering it. Murray is unfairly singled out for this because ****,and others are just as bad if not worse.
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