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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Of course, she is one of the more traditional hitters on tour, as
stated before.
Also one of the more spotty with results and tends have a lot of UEs;
and even then she still works across the target line to a lesser extent,
so it's not so obvious. I would not model a WTA Fh and if I had to, hers
would be one of the last, so pick what you like out there. Suresh, maybe
you can learn her high risk game. Since you are slow, it may help you.
Li Na a traditional ball striker???????? This is why I'm so confused about your definitions of traditional, classic, and modern, 5263. Comments like this. Li Na has great extension, just like almost all the pros on tour. Her strokes are also Modern. It's time for you to accept that the modern pros have great extension on their groundstrokes, and quit wasting everyone's time. If Li Na is trying to go the traditional route, why did she hire Carlos Rodriguez to coach her. She's a French Open champion, and a top 10 player!!! I'll take those "spotty results" any day.

Best player in a country with over a billion people. But 5263 says she has spotty results. Too Funny. that made my day.
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