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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
In today's pro tennis game exceptional athleticim is a must. There are very few American juniors who have it. Lebron Kobe are 2 of the best in the world athletically. My kid who was top 5 in the section now says, looking back, he never would have been that high if tennis attracted better athletes. I am shocked that the top 10 in our
section are not better athletes.
They are great athletes and great basketball players but I can't see them beeing best tennis players. Best basketball players who would have made it as tennis players ? Give me A medium size point guard who likes to shoot. A Derrick rose, Steve Nash, Ricky Rubio(never mind, he's Spanish).

Same thing with base ball Forget about you batting champs and Cy young winners, get me a shortstop who steals bases and hit .299.

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