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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post
Best player in a country with over a billion people. But 5263 says she has spotty results. Too Funny. that made my day.
from Wiki- the book on Li Na

One of Li's biggest weaknesses is her inconsistency, as shown by her results. She has a tendency to hit a high number of unforced errors at any stage of a match, often on crucial points, preventing her from clinching victory in many close matches. She also lacks variety in her game, as her shots are usually hit hard and very flat and rarely with topspin or slice.

How funny is that? Sounds like it's pretty common knowlege even though I'm not that up
on the WTA players.
Don't you think she hired the new coach to likely address the issues I raise??
Really FrisFool, you need to stop trying to set me up to look good, lol.
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