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I raised a related question in this section and the string section. People are all over the map on the subject.

Some say just string all strings a the specified reference tension.

Others add 10% tension to 2-4 of the outside mains and 2-4 of the top and bottom crosses.

There are the JayCee and closely related but still distinct JET method.

There's proportional stringing which varies tension based on string length and vibration frequency.

And lots of others. All share a common goal of a more even, longer lasting string bed with fewer hot spots and more consistent response.

Related issues included pre-stretching gut and multis (or not) and letting polys relax several seconds before clamping off (as much as 20 seconds).

My question, as a customer, arose due to the fact that customers who might have their stringing done by different individuals or even different shops with very different results. There's even one fellow who replied to my post who sort of dismissed the idea but then said he'll string using whatever technique a customer specs and if they don't he'll string as he does for himself...but he never explains what that way is!
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