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Ripping a ball does not mean you are muscling the ball. I "rip" the ball best when my arm and shoulder are relaxed and I am able to load up and throw my body through it. The reason why a lot of pros look like they aren't even trying is because they really aren't trying to swing that hard. They are trying to swing with perfect fluidity.

With proper weight transfer and the whole shabang it should not be so damaging to "rip" the ball. It may be more difficult if you are not very limber, but I don't see how it would hurt younger players with good flexibility.

For instance, one of the shots I feel like I put the least energy into is my first serve. I just relax and allow my jump, twist, and limp arm to explode through (live or whatever else you wanna call it). It really surprised me when I first began doing this because I could hit the ball a bit harder than usual and it seems a lot easier.
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