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Direct link-to 2002 paper

UPDATE 9/23/2013 - This 2012 paper found by andreh discusses the issue and says that tendinitis and tendinosis should be viewed a little differently -
Originally Posted by andreh View Post

Interesting article. If nothing else it summarizes all research on tendon disorders done to date. It revisits inflammation and seems to suggest that the tendinosis diagnosis has now gone too far, although it does not claim that the old tendinitis diagnosis was correct either. Good read.
There was a 2002 British article discussing the nature of tendon injuries such as Achilles 'Tendinitis', Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, etc. , the accuracy of information about these injuries, treatment effectiveness, tendinitis vs tendinosis, etc.

This article discusses the short paper-

The link to the 2002 paper itself is on the top of the article. - but you must be subscribed to view it.

To view the article the British Medical Journal offers a free 1 month subscription. See link on the page.

I signed up and got the article. Is this how things are, mostly...........?

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