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The problem with what you're claiming, is the fact that other former teammates have come out and testified against Lance. George Hincapie is the most recent big name. But I know what you're going to say...blah blah...plea bargain. He retired. USA Cycling can't exactly suspend him now.

Or how about Johnathan Vaughters? Never tested positive, and he's also not a current rider. How does it benefit him to come out and say what he has about the Armstrong era? In reality, it's a bit confusing at first given the very strong anti-doping sentiment at his team. But, it's also fairly clear that he does seem determined to promote a clean sport.

Armstrong is fed up with what exactly??? Fed up with having to vilify and attack anyone that remotely connects him to doping? Simeoni, Lemond, Bassons, Hamilton, Betsy and Franky Andreu...Too many other names to mention! Apparently in one statement he referred to Betsy as a "liar and a prostitute."
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