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Originally Posted by fundrazer View Post
The problem with what you're claiming, is the fact that other former teammates have come out and testified against Lance. George Hincapie is the most recent big name. But I know what you're going to say...blah blah...plea bargain. He retired. USA Cycling can't exactly suspend him now.
Other cyclists, for example, Roger Hammond, have defended Armstrong, saying that Armstrong was a great team-mate and that he had never been offered drugs by Armstrong. Hammond also mentioned that the USADA never asked his opinion in their investigation. I wonder why that is? Might it be because Hammond can't be blackmailed and isn't willing to trash Armstrong for the USADA's poison pen dossier?

Originally Posted by fundrazer View Post
Armstrong is fed up with what exactly??? Fed up with having to vilify and attack anyone that remotely connects him to doping? Simeoni, Lemond, Bassons, Hamilton, Betsy and Franky Andreu...Too many other names to mention! Apparently in one statement he referred to Betsy as a "liar and a prostitute."
Armstrong is fed up with all the toil and stress it has put on him and his family, not to mention paying all this money to lawyers all the time, despite the fact that he has never failed a test according to the official rules of cycling. The USADA is an organisation backed up by US taxpayers' cash, and Tygart is determined to get Armstrong, come what may.

Of course, Armstrong's actions in saying that he's "finished with this nonsense" has only angered Tygart all the more, and now he's wants Armstrong in a criminal court for what he says is "perjury". Tygart is like this generation's version of Joseph McCarthy. It's uncanny similarity.

I also firmly believe that the USADA have offered plea bargains to Armstrong before now, to admit to PED use in order to keep some of his Tour victories.

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