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Originally Posted by galain View Post
I agree with everything you say. The C10 mid is a beauty and it's a pretty good compromise for a former PPro user. If you can find an RDX 500 mid or 2, that's also not such a bad option coming from the PPro. I little stiffer, but still a very 'friendly' mid.

I honestly haven't been playing all that much lately, but my little brother was kind enough to present me with a 95 Rebel (the squiggly one, not the new new one) for Christmas so I've been alternating between that and the PT 630. Outdoors on clay the Prince has been helping a lot, and the indoor season has just begun here, so it'll still be either one of those two I pull out of my bag when I hit the carpet i think.

Give Queensland a wave for me matey - I still miss it, even after all this time.
Have you ever tried the Volkl T10 MP GenII? Based on what you've said previously I thought it might be right up your alley. Not an 18x20 like the Rebel and does have a 98sq head but is very comfortable and has a great flex to it. Not too dissimilar to the C10 but easier to swing.

I'm off to tennis now (at UQ) so I'll give the courts a wave for you.
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