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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
I don't see Mancini selling Balotelli..he loves him, he'd sell Tevez before he'd sell Balo despite how much better Carlos is right now.

Dzeko probably would go as he deserves a consistent starting spot in a top team anyway he's too good to be sat on the bench being used as impact sub.

Meanwhile surely Chelsea would be desperate for another forward by January? Can't see Torres having the durability of other guys who start 60+ games a year (Messi/Ronaldo) and only Sturridge as back up who probably still isn't really good enough to lead the line for a really top team.
True about Balotelli, i've heard stories about Mancini giving up on him so many times but nothing ever happens.

Chelsea certainly do need another striker, Torres is already said to be struggling having to play every game, the long summer at the Euro's probably has something to do with it. Mata had the same summer, but the depth we have there allows him get rest now and then.

Scouts were looking at Remy, so he's probably someone they are looking at if Falcao doesn't happen in January, which I don't think it will. Simeone is a good manager and the club are looking to keep him happy, selling their best player midseason probably wouldn't go down too well.

Even so, I can't see Torres staying if Falcao arrives, meaning someone like Remy would be needed longterm.
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