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I'm with Bagum. Hit forehand smashes.

Story time:

I was in the high school team finals. My partner and I were a strong team. We had won a couple of SoCal junior doubles tournaments. The team we were to play included a guy who was better than either of us. (He had been a 12s or 14s national champion.) He was paired with a hack who had maybe played for a couple of years during the tennis season.

I thought we would crush them. Well, we were at 6-6 in the first set. Their stud player was all over the court. (Alas, at 7-7 we would have to split the points for that set.)

Now for the point.

At 6-6, it was a critical moment, maybe game point for them. My partner and I were both back. They were both up. We put up the weakest lob in the history of lobs -- to their stud player's backhand side in the ad court. All he had to do was slide 2 or 3 steps to his left and he could have bounced an overhead over the side fence. Instead, he wound up for a backhand overhead.

I, in our ad court, couldn't understand WTF he was up to. Why not take the almost sure winner? I mentally raced to run through the scenarios: DTL? DTM? CC? Bingo! It had to be an angled CC. I took off into the court. I caught his angled overhead in stride, like Brady to Welker. We won the point and closed out the match easily.

Conclusion: hit forehand smashes.

Epilogue: A few years later I overheard him talking about my doubles sense. He was relating that very point! He said, "all of sudden, he was there."
Up your backhand.

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